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RA-Aus Pilot Licence
Every lesson has a FREE simulator lesson and FREE HD video footage of your flight lesson. Start now with a trial introductory flight.
Private Pilot Licence
Caloundra Aerodrome: the most spectacular training location in Australia
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Obtain your PPL Licence and start your lifelong skill of flying.
Commercial Pilot Licence
Commercial Pilot Training designed with your career in mind.


Pilot Certificate
A Recreational Pilots Certificate is a great place to start your flying career. Not only is it fabulous training on all the fundamentals of powered flight but flying Light Sport Aircraft can be costsaving.
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Private Pilot Licence
PPL is often the obvious choice when you either want to get a General Aviation license or fly larger/heavier single-engine planes. Coupled with your navigation for further exploring.
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Commercial Pilot Licence
We offer both Part time and Full time courses up to your Commercial Pilot licence standard. Leading to becoming a flight instructor, Charter pilot or Airline Pilot.
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Advantages of Training WITH GoFLY

Our Team

Damien Wills

CEO + CFI + CPL Pilot

Damien Wills

Damien started flying at 15 years of age and has considerable experience as both a Charter Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor. As the owner of GoFly Damien has a love of Aviation and Entrepreneurship. His passion is helping individuals achieve there dream of flight by creating a unique flight school with a firm belief that anyone can be taught to fly a plane.


RA Senior Instructor + CPL Pilot + Grade 2 Instructor


I am a GA Grade 2 Instructor and RA-Aus Senior Instructor with a career objective to broaden my skills as a pilot. I am currently working on achieving my Grade 1 Instructors rating and sharing my knowledge with students. I also teach aerobatics and fly as a skydive pilot when I'm not Instructing. I enjoy Instructing as it is very rewarding seeing my student's journey and progress towards becoming a professional pilot.



RA Senior Instructor + CPL Pilot + Grade 3 Instructor


I am a numbers guy, I like to know the science behind flying. When I'm not flying I take part in a range of hobbies from cooking and making beer to bombing hills on my longboard. Whilst at Griffith university I was selected for a mentoring role and there discovered instructing was for me.


RA Senior Instructor


Scott is a Mining Engineer, SSE and a Maths and Physics teacher who has a passion for flying. During his training years ago (before the grey hair overpowered the brown hair) he realised what a useful tool aircraft could be in remote mining operations for personal transport and other uses. He is now a senior instructor with GoFly and loves the opportunity to share the flying experience with the many people that come for joy flights or to train. He especially enjoys the privilege in his role to assess a student as 'solo standard' and being able to send them flying, for the first time.


RA Senior Instructor


I started flying gliders at 16, then crossed to the dark side onto powered aircraft at 28.....flying the Sea Fury would be one of the most memorable aircraft experiences for me...to this day it remains the fastest piston-engined propeller driven production aeroplane ever built. 18 cylinders, 2550 horsepower, weighs 6 tons without bombs or cannons, and a Vne of Mach .78. Woohoo!! However, when it comes to students, I love being able to show my students that they can accomplish something new, and the look of excitement on their faces when they do...very satisfying.


RA Junior Instructor + CPL Pilot


Joel commenced flight training at Archerfield Airport in 2012. He gained his commercial pilot’s license a year later in 2013. Along with his CPL Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Aviation from Griffith University. Joel currently holds a multi-engine command instrument rating and has RA-Aus instructor approval. In 2016 Joel joined the GoFly team and is currently pursuing a grade 3 instructor rating.


Marketing Manager


Anne-Maree has over 25 years of experience in Marketing and Administration. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) and has worked in Tertiary Education (making videos for Distance Education students), Tourism, the Arts sector (as a former Director of a state Writers Centre) and Real Estate. She loves putting the missing apostrophes in other people's sentences.

How to Become a Pilot

In the history of aviation it has never been cheaper or easier to learn to fly and become a pilot, than it is right now.

With the arrival of Light Sport Aircraft, thousands of Australians have taken up their dream to learn to fly.  Recreational aviation is now the fastest growing sector of the aviation industry. You too can learn how to become a pilot - and what better place to do it than on the beautiful Sunshine Coast!

Boasting the largest choice of Recreational Aircraft in Australia and some of the coolest Professional Instructors around, GoFly Aviation offers you a tremendous opportunity.

But don't take our word for it, book a trial flight today and see for yourself...

Start learning to fly with one of our highly trained instructors!

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our programs

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1 year training program
  • 3 days a week progarm
  • Diet progarm Included
  • Professional Trainers

$ 99. 99/ 1 year

women strength traning

6 month traning program
  • 3 days a week progarm
  • Diet progarm Included
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What students are saying about GoFly

  • “Learning to fly was really wishful thinking for me. I would look into the sky when hearing a passing aircraft and say to my wife “one day I will do that ".

    Well I guess she got tired of hearing the same thing and unbeknown to me made contact with Zane and arranged a trial flight which was carried out with John Cresswell, who at that stage was assisting Zane with instructing. That was it, I was hooked, and proceeded to work towards my recreational pilot’s certificate which I obtained in 2008.  Many new acquaintances and friends were made over the learning period and when private hiring aircraft after obtaining my certificate.

    The dedication and commitment demonstrated to me by Zane and his assistant flight instructors was beyond parallel.  It was at Pro-Sky that I met a young fellow going by the name of Damien, a qualified commercial pilot transferring his skills to recreational aviation. Before I knew it, he was sitting next to me guiding me through my bi-annual flight review. Wow, I thought, this guy is a great instructor too; wonder where Zane gets them from.

    Shortly after my flight review (I was the first one he had done) I discovered Pro-Fly was now Go-Fly, with Damien being the C.F.I., a natural progression I thought.  I believe Damien will maintain the same high standards as his predecessor and will look for new and fresh ideas to keep his business "alive". There is always time for a chat over a coffee and muffin but the professionalism of this young man always shows through.

    To anyone thinking of taking up recreational aviation, I have no doubt at all that GoFly and Damien will maintain the highest standards possible!”

    Allen Court


    It had been a dream of mine to fly and when I turned 40 I decided there's no better time. I rang GoFly and said I wanted a strict, grumpy old man who will give me the professional training I needed (as I wanted to be trained well if I was going to be a pilot).   He laughed and said, 'Well, how about you come down to the school and check it out?'.

    I was so impressed by my first lesson (being ex-military and a Qantas flight attendant my emphasis on safety & professional training was paramount), I didn't even consider the fun factor until I met the instructors and the people that fly with GoFly.

    My training was fun and vibrant, very social, and a wonderful environment to be involved in.

    I highly recommend GoFly and have no doubt your dreams will come true with GoFly too.”

    Linda McCall (LSA Pilot)

  • To all the instructors at GoFly Aviation in Caboolture: Damien, Sean and Neil. What a great group of people. If you have ever wanted to fly these fine instructors are the ones for you. Go to GoFly for all ages.

    Terry Rosier

  • I am at the final stage of my flight training with my flight test imminent. Due to personal/work commitments the latter part of my training has been staggered, due to my inability to attend lessons consistently at times. This is where I have found the GoFly Aviation Learn to Fly DVDs invaluable. By watching these DVDs I have been able to stay 'fresh' with both the theory and practical aspects of flying. It is virtually like being there in the cockpit with an instructor!

    These DVDs present professional, detailed and easy-to-follow instruction on the various areas related to flying a recreational aircraft. The DVDs have also enabled me to further refine some aspects of my flying, especially engine failures and practiced forced landings (PFL). I would highly recommend these excellent DVDs to anyone wishing to learn to fly recreational aircraft, from beginner through to flight test level. In addition, they provide a great resource for experienced pilots to stay current in their knowledge and theory.

    Martin Costigan


    GoFly have put something complex into an easy, simple to follow, recipe for beginner flight success.... FROM HOME! I have looked at flight schools regularly since 1995... and have finally found a complete product for aviation excellence for people starting out.

    Dr Simon Morgan, Lake Kawana Private Hospital

  • Hi Damian, just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed your Gofly Aviation Learn to Fly DVDs.

    I recently completed my RAA instructor course and while I found the ground briefings not too difficult, I struggled with the instructor patter in the aircraft. This is where your DVDs really assisted me. I could watch the lesson, put the DVD on pause, and practise the patter. After a few weeks break, in which I practised improving my flying and practised the instructor patter, using your DVDs, my Instructors were pleasantly surprised at my improvement.

    I have found the Learn to Fly DVDs to be a professional effort in educating RAA student pilots, great for experienced pilots to refresh their knowledge and excellent for trainee instructors.

    Col Vaughan – RAA Instructor, Roma QLD

  • A massive thanks to the instructors at GoFly Aviation; the half hour flight was a fantastic experience and definitely showed me that aviation is the career to be in.

    Joel Netherwood

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