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Chris moroney instructor

Chris Moroney
CFI - GoFly Global

When I was still in high school a friend of mine lent me a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and so started the obsession with anything aviation-related. The only problem was, being from a tiny mining town in Central Queensland, the nearest airport with a flight school was two hours away!


After I moved to Brisbane the flying could start for real! On completion of my Pilot Certificate with GoFly I was promoted to the weekend helper (or "Hangar Floor Manager" as I liked to call it) and then I became an Instructor. A few years later, I became a Senior Instructor and for most of 2020 I managed the GoFly satellite school in association with GCSFT at Heck Field. In October 2020 I became the CFI for that school.


One of the best parts about being an Instructor/pilot is introducing people to flying for the first time, and showing off the amazing scenery we have in South East Queensland. They get to see for themselves just how fun flying is and why people get hooked on it.

Cables, cars and coffee

In late 2019 resigned from my job in Networks & Telecommunication and took up instructing full-time. I love travelling, road trips and drinking far too much coffee.