GoFly media Coverage

GoFly360 article in VR Focus magazine July 2017:

Virtual Reality Helps Aspiring Pilots Learn to Fly

Article in Indulge Magazine (online edition) June 2017:




GoFly360 article in  Sunshine Coast Daily newpaper, and synicated in Noosa News (https://www.noosanews.com.au/news/free-wings-coast-teen-pilot-scholarship-launches/3209544/ , the Chronicle https://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/free-wings-coast-teen-pilot-scholarship-launches/3209544/ and Chincilla News https://www.chinchillanews.com.au/news/free-wings-coast-teen-pilot-scholarship-launches/3209544/) in July 2017:

GoFly Giveaway in Profile Magazine July 2017: 

Article in My Weekly Preview, July 2017.

Channel 9 News story about twin brothers Charles and William, who were taught to fly by our two Instructors, Adam and Nathan, who are also brothers.  29 Sept 2017.

Sunshine Coast Daily coverage of the announcement of our GoFly Cadet Scholarship, Nov 2017.