GoFly Aviation Organisational Values

A good organisational culture doesn't spring up out of nowhere; it requires intentional and thoughtful identification of the core values the organisation is built upon, and these values are largely the values of GoFly Aviation’s owner and Chief Pilot, Damen Wills.

GoFly Aviation’s values are consistent with its Business Plan, which includes this key goal: GoFly Aviation to become the most advanced and respected flight school on the Sunshine Coast.

Our four values are: Innovation, Integrity, Customer Service and Compassion.


We endeavour to: • Research and implement the best software for the most efficient management of our bookings for our clients, our student records and the maintenance of our aircraft • Be at the forefront of technology in our teaching delivery methods and systems • Provide the safest aircraft in which to learn to fly •Take advantage of new technologies in order to further promote the joy of flying

Customer Service

We endeavour to: • Meet and then exceed all our customer’s needs • Customise the lessons to suit the learning style of each individual • Adapt to the requirements of any of our customers with special needs • Honour gift certificates which are close to expiration dates • Be flexible with our busy customers and reschedule any appointments without penalty when given 24 hours’ notice


We endeavour to: • Recruit only Staff and Instructors who are passionate about teaching others how to achieve their own goal of learning to fly • Be transparent about our prices and syllabus • Give honest feedback to students about their progress and abilities • Abide by the incident reporting guidelines of our membership body (RAA) • Maintain our aircraft to the highest safety standards


We endeavour to: • Provide the opportunity for one financially disadvantaged young person to obtain their Pilot certificate each year (via the GoFly Cadet Scholarship) • Use our planes to bring joy to young people who are undergoing treatment, or who are affected by a family member’s illness (by offering up to 12 x 30 minute flights each year via The Altitude Initiative, http://altitudeinitiative.org.au/)

Caring for the environment

And of course, underlying all the above values is our commitment to the environment. We endeavour to care for the environment by using low emission Rotax motors in our planes; by using low emission unleaded fuel in our planes; and by recycling rubbish as well as aircraft parts whenever possible.


Caring for the community

During 2017 GoFly Aviation created and awarded a GoFly Cadet Scholarship for a young person suffering finanical hardship. The Scholarship is valued at up to $10,000 and you can read about the winer here.

During 2017 GoFly Aviation joined The Altitude Initiative, which is a group of aviation organisations who wish to give memorable experiences to young people who are having a tough time. GoFy will donate up to 12 thirty-minute flights per year.

During 2017 GoFly Aviation donated flights as prizes for the following organisations:

*Ronald McDonald House, Caloundra

*Buderim Bridge Club Raffle