GoFly360 Online Flying Lessons

Our world-first GoFly360 immersive flying lessons will assist you to learn to fly, and refresh your skills. View the lessons in any weather, on any device and at any time. 

Normally priced at $199, you can now purchase the complete set of lessons for just $149 until 25 December.

Experience the first lesson for yourself for FREE by clicking on the links below.

To view 360 degree video on a standard computer, make sure you are using Chrome as your browser. Insert your cursor into the middle of the screen and move it left, right and up and down as required. Select full screen mode by clicking in the bottom right hand corner of the video. Select the highest resolution possible for your browser and internet speed, via the HD symbol on the Vimeo screen. 

When using mobile devices, download the Vimeo app if prompted and then simply move the phone or tablet around or move the image with your finger.

For a full immersive experience, purchase a VR headset from Jaycar Electronics for around $29 and insert your phone into it. 

Read about the benefits of GoFly360 here

Experience the first online flying lesson (The Effects of the Controls)

in 360-degree view for FREE here.

Experience the first online flying lesson (The Effects of the Controls) 

in standard view for FREE here.

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