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GoFly360 online Lessons

The world's first 360 degree online immersive flight lessons. Any weather. Any device. Any time.

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Just $199 for a one year subscription

'AB INITIO' - All 11 Lessons

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  • Ops & Effects of Controls
  • Straight & Level
  • Climbing & Descending
  • Turning
  • Stalls
  • Circuits 1
  • Circuits 2
  • Circuits 3
  • Forced Landings
  • Inbound & Outbound Joins
  • Emergency Procedures
  • More lessons and tips added each week!!

Please Note: Our GoFly 360 sales are done through Vimeo. When prompted, you will need to create a Vimeo account so that you can  purchase the lessons, and if watching the lessons on a mobile device you will need to download the Vimeo app when prompted.

GoFly360 can be streamed on any device while using the internet, however for the full experience, we recommend using a tablet or VR/360 enabled mobile such as the Samsung s8 with Samsung headgear VR.  We have also filmed all lessons in standard format for  individuals who do not wish to watch in in 360 degree format. The lessons can be downloaded to iPhones and iPads for watching offline.  At this time, it is not possible to download to Android devices for watching offline.

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INSTRUCTIONS: To view in 360 degrees on a standard computer, insert your cursor into the middle of the screen while watching this video and move cursor left, right and up and down as required. For mobile devices, you can simply move the phone/tablet around or move the image with your finger. If you own a VR headset, download the Vimeo app to view the demo that way. Please select the highest resolution possible for your browser and internet speed, via the HD symbol on the Vimeo screen above. 

You can now experience the complete first lesson for free by clicking here.

benefits of Gofly360

Easy Learning

Learn the basics and terminology of flying, in the comfort of your own home.

Flight Test Ready

Improve your skills and prepare for your flight test

Refresh your Skills

Refresh your memory of procedures even if you have your pilot's licence.

Totally immersive

You see what the student pilot sees in 360 HD video.

Save money

Achieve your licence faster, saving time and money

Helps with decision making

Helps you decide whether you want to proceed with learning to fly

Fly in all weather

Too windy or cloudy to fly today? Continue to learn to fly using the 360 lessons

Experienced Chief Pilot

Your experienced recreational Chief Flying Instructor is a former commercial charter pilot with over 20 years and 4000 hours of flying experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is GoFly 360?

GoFly 360 is a video recording with a unique 360 degree camera that allows a viewer to move his headset tablet or computer mouse to see the recorded image in 360 degrees just as you can in real life

Is the entire course filmed in GoFly360?

The preflight briefings on the ground have been recorded in standard format and only the inflight lesson is filmed in GoFly 360. Early on we realised there was no real benefit in filming the pre-flight briefings in 360VR as all the visual information is directly in front of you.  The inflight lesson has an incredible amount of visual information which is better suited to 360VR.

Will this help me to decide if I want to learn to fly?

Yes, definitely, this course puts you through every lesson that you would experience if you where really training  to fly. You will see what the student sees, and learn what a real student learns.

Can GoFly360 give me motion sickness?

It is possible to get motion sickness with GoFly360. We have kept each briefing in GoFly360 mode to 10 minutes' duration, to minimise any adverse effect and we recommend a break of at least 5 minutes for every 10 minutes of viewing. We also recommend watching it in GoFly360 mode while sitting on a swivel chair and only make slow movements with your head if you are wearing GoFly360 headgear.

What device would you recommend I use to watch the GoFly 360 footage?

You can watch the GoFly 360 on any device you choose. If you are using a home computer or laptop you will need to move the image with your cursor. If you are viewing on a tablet or mobile phone, simply move the device to move your field of view. For best results when viewing online we recommend the new Samsung S8 (standard) housed inside Fly 360 headsets for a great immersive experience, but for the ability to download the lessons and watch offline, we recommend an iPhone or iPad. Currently the lessons cannot be downloaded to an Android phone.

What internet speed do I require to watch GoFly 360?

Anything over 5MB/s should be enough. If you can view HD online content you can view GoFly 360. We recommend watching our 360 promo trailer (above) at the highest resolution to test your service before you commit to purchasing.  Keep in mind ADSL will take considerably longer to download than broadband.

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Pilot Testimonials
'The virtual lessons are such a great resource for learning to fly. Almost as good as the real thing. I wish I had it at the start of my pilot training. Great tool for reviewing flying lessons and taking learning to fly a step further.'
Daygin Prescott
"Astonishing experience. Almost like the real thing. The ability to look around and see what the student sees makes the experience feel more real, a marvellous tool for students."
Ben Ford
'Amazing video Damien, very well put together and very informative; makes understanding what goes on as a pilot flies the aircraft easier to understand'
Mark Dorward
'I have decided to spend the year saving a lump so I can pay in bulk and do more frequent lessons, so decided to get your videos to watch repeatedly in the meantime while saving. The videos are really helpful, definitely worth the $$$.'
Jeremy Patrick Wiatkowski