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Private Pilot Licence

Internationally Recognised

Allows you to fly anywhere on the planet

Controlled Airspace

Allows you to fly into controlled airspace

Hours towards your CPL

Hours can be used towards your commercial pilot's licence

Choose your Path

There are many options you can choose for your PPL and additional endorsements.

Private Pilot Licence

GA Pilot Licence

  • Free Sim Use
  • Free Training Videos
  • CASA Class 2 Medical Requirement
  • Caloundra Location
  • Professional Briefings
  • CTA Endorsement

Private Pilot Licence


  • Navigation
  • Constant Speed Unit
  • Multi Engine
  • Night VFR
  • Under Carriage Rating
  • IFR Rating

All PPL Training is conducted by AirQueensland

All training is completed under the Air Queensland training organisation with operating AOC of "Air QLD operated under AOC CASA.TAAOC.0734". Please note that syllabus changes and course outcomes are in accordance to CASA regulations.

Student STEPS Pilot

1. Pre Solo Exam

After a number of hours your instructor will get you to sit your first exam which is your pre-solo exam. This will allow you to fly the plane by yourself for the first time. Often going down in history as one of the most memorable experiences.

2. Radio Exam

The radio exam is done at the same time as your pre-solo. It is designed to provide and prove that you have sufficient knowledge to fly the airplane in a pilot in command situtation.

3. AIR Legislation

Roughly half way through your training you will complete the air legislation exam which highlights the rules of the air and whom has right away among various other aspects pertaining to Air Legislation.

4. BAK

BAK stands for Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and covers a wide range of all apsects of flying i.e. Engines, Aerodynamics, Weather and many more.

5. Human Factors

The last exam is Human factors and provides the student with an exam on the topics around the human element. For example, flying after scuba diving. Is it allowed? And many more questions around checking yourself before your flight.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Age Limit?
Currently anyone at any age can start learning to fly. However in order to Pilot the aircraft on your own, you must be 15 years old.
Do I need a CASA Medical?
Yes, for and RPL/PPL Licence you will be required to have a Class 2 medical that is renewed bi-annually.
What do I need to Learn?
We follow the Part 61 Syllabus outlined by CASA and extend this with helpful Videos & Books. We recommend Bob Tait Theory or the Aviation Theory Centre for study material.
How Long will it take?
Flight training duration is entirely up to you. Because the majority of the training is competency based some are able to complete the training faster then others. However, its not how fast you do the training but how well trained you are.

Typical Course Outline

Initial Introductory Flight
With the PPL course it all starts with obtaining your RPL first. This is done to split up the training modules and is designed to help those who are starting from scratch.
For your RPL, the above 5 exams are completed on school premises. Once you have completed them further exams outlined by CASA are required, such as the English Proficiency and PPL Exam. We will guide you through each step and examination.
Flight Exam
There are two flight exams; - RPL flight exam - PPL flight exam

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