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Sunshine Coast Australia

Sean Odriscoll
Senior RA Instructor

I have spent the last 25 years in IT and have experienced some pretty amazing changes that has shaped the solutions that are mission critical being implemented.

I have always been an avid aviation enthusiast and joining GoFly Aviation has provided me with the opportunity to merge the two passions. Coupled with Education it will prove to be an ideal marriage.

Coffee Drinker

If not in the cockpit of an airplane, I often can be found near a coffee machine making a coffee. Some would say that I'm a bit snobby with my coffee, life is truely to short to have instant!

Love All types of Music

I literally listen to all types of music, not when I'm flying of course. So if you ever see me with my headphones on bouncing to some music while planning my next NAV this is normal behaviour.


I have been flying the majority of my life, but it wasn't until recently that I have decided to take that passion and make it a career. It is a decision that I have NOT regreted and every day I wake up looking forward to helping out the next student.