Alistair McNee

My maternal grandfather was a Squadron Leader in the Royal Australian Air Force. Arch flew Hudson Bombers in New Guinea collecting weather data for strategic planning before becoming a senior member of the First Tactical Air Force which co-ordinated Allied airborne operations for the landings at Tarakan, Brunei & Balikpapan.

My flying journey began in the less auspicious surrounds of Kingaroy in the mid 90's, learning to fly a Foxbat over red dirt fields of peanuts and corn.

25 years later, the exhilaration of flight still makes me smile. It's now my privilege to share my love of flying with others and the Sunshine Coast is a special place to learn.

Away from flying

I love to fish, play guitar (badly) and travel overseas with my long-suffering partner Mandy.

In the Community

I’m involved with the St Andrew Society of Scotland, (QLD), promoting all things Scottish in the State. In October 2022, I’ll be participating for the 9th time, in the Charity Bike Ride between Brisbane and Sydney.

Since 2008, we’ve helped to raise almost $2m to fund childhood cancer research and purchase vital paediatric & neonatal equipment for rural, regional & hospitals in need.

Testimonial for Alistair

‘Wow! He had an amazing time. We are very grateful for such an outstanding experience. I was VERY IMPRESSED with Alistair. 
I was in education for 25 years, and in my (professional) opinion Alistair is an outstanding teacher/instructor. His attention to detail, his interaction with my family, and how he ‘worked’ with my 10 yr old son John before, during and after the flight was extremely impressive. He is also an extremely nice guy.
Hang on to Alistair…we’ll be back. John is already saving for his next flight.’