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Brent Meredith

I always wanted to be a Pilot but lacked a little confidence in my self. On my 15th birthday I was given a trial Instructional flight (TIF) at Bankstown Airport in Sydney. It was an incredible experience and I thought maybe be I could do this afterall.

I applied to be the local newspaper boy to pay for my lessons, then as I grew up, bar work and taxi driving paid for my way to a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).

My first flying job was in Gladstone - ironically flying newspapers in a Cessna 172. The company I was working for had a flying school and I discovered my passion for instructing. From there, working as a Grade 2 instructor for several years at Maroochydore.

My journey has taken me to Jabiru in the Northern Territory, conducting Scenic flights in Kakadu National Park, as well as bush flying in Papua New Guinea, and working for airlines in Europe, then back to Australia flying short and-long haul international.

My goal has always been to pass on what I have learned and inspire others to experience the joy of flying as a hobby or a career.


My fiancé and I have lived in the Sunshine Coast for 3 years now, sharing the house with our senior Pug.

Two of my children are also in the aviation industry.


Flying, travelling, 4WD Driving, fishing, and bush walking.


Someone once said to me, 'If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.'