Commercial Pilot Licence

Whether you live at the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, there are lots of benefits to undertaking your Commercial Pilot training with GoFly Aviation.

customised Learning

We offer both part-time and full-time courses up to your Commercial Pilot Licence standard. We use both a mixture of Glass Cockpit and analogue aircraft to give you the best chance of employment once you have completed your commercial pilot training.

Great Training Location

At GoFly we are committed to ensuring you receive the very best training from the time you commence training with us. At our non-controlled airport, there is no restrictions on circuits or touch and go landings, and no landing fees and no waiting for commercial flights to take off. Pus the coastline and Glasshouse Mountain scenery is spectacular!

Competitive pricing

The price for a Commercial Pilot Licence is around $30,000 cheaper through GoFly than through other flight schools, as we can teach around 85% of the course in recreational aircraft and then convert to a commercial aircraft. Our new Boeing 737 Simulator can also be used to practice on and prepare you for applying to commercial airlines.

Career opportunities

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is required if you wish to obtain work as a pilot in commercial operations such as Charter Operator, Flight Instruction, Agricultural Operations, Airline, Search & Rescue, Fire Spotting/Bombing, Aerial Surveillance, Air Ambulance, or Joy Flights.

Choose your Path

Commercial training consists of a number of options which you can choose from to achieve your licence. We offer the 200 hour syllabus.   

Commercial Pilot Licence

CPL Pilot Licence

  • Boeing 737 Sim available
  • Free Training Videos
  • CASA Class 1 Medical Requirement
  • Caloundra & Redcliffe locations
  • Professional Briefings
  • 200 Hour Course

Commercial Pilot Licence


  • Multi-Engine
  • Constant Speed Unit
  • Command Instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor Rating

Training Conducted by AirQueensland

All training is completed under the Air Queensland training organisation with operating AOC of Air QLD operated under AOC CASA.TAAOC.0734'. Please note that syllabus changes and course outcomes are in accordance to CASA regulations.


1. Aircraft General Knowledge (CSYA)

2. Navigation (CNAV)

3. Op, Performance & Flight Planning (CFPA)

4. Meteorology (CMET)

5. Aerodynamics (CADA)

6. FR & Air Law (CLWA)

7. Human Factors (CHUF)

Frequently asked questions

Currently anyone at any age can start learning to fly. However in order to Pilot the aircraft on your own, you must be 15 years old.
Yes, for and RPL/PPL Licence you will be required to have a Class 2 medical that is renewed bi-annually.
We follow the Part 61 Syllabus outlined by CASA and extend this with helpful Videos & Books. We recommend Bob Tait Theory or the Aviation Theory Centre for study material.
Our Full time commercial flight training course duration is approximately 8 months GoFly has eight aircraft and eight experienced Instructors to ensure you dream of becoming a professional pilot is realised If a full time course is not an option we also operate all our courses part time. We can create a course to fit your work life balance. Our full time courses are operated out of our Caloundra flight school. Caloundra is a fantastic place to live while you are training. We have accommodation available on the beach and we can organise all transfers.

Typical Course Outline

We follow the Part 61 Syllabus outlined by CASA and extend this with helpful videos & books. We recommend Bob Tait Theory or the Aviation Theory Centre for study material.

Up to 60 hours from PPL is possible.
As stated above all 7 subjects require completion

We tailor each student’s training, therefore the training cost may differ. This is particularly true if you have flying experience prior to undertaking the CPL Course.

GoFly Aviation, in tandem with Air QLD (AOC 1-J91I3-03), provides the complete training package for your particular level, whether you require an Integrated Course or are upgrading from other licenses.

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