Damien Wills
Owner + CEO of GoFly Group

I have spent the last 30 years flying aircraft, starting with charter flying in the Northern Territory and more recently becoming the owner and Chief Pilot of GoFly Aviation. I have a passion for teaching and inspiring others to learn how to fly.
I honestly believe that most individuals, given enough belief in themselves, can learn how to fly a plane. Whether you want to learn for fun or a career, learning to fly a plane is life-changing.
I only hire passionate instructors who love flying and who take flying seriously (but not themselves). I am grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful team and have the opportunity to be doing what I love every day.

I have full testing approval for all recreational flight training.

For aircraft leasing and technical queries, call me on 0426 282 226.

Spending time with my family

I have four wonderful children, aged from 6 to 18 years of age. My youngest son is obsessed with flying and I cannot take him to the airport unless I also take him for a fly in one of our planes.
My children think I have the worst Dad jokes of all time. When not working or creating, I love to spend time with my children and partner at the beach or in the hinterland of the beautiful Sunshine Coast or in bookshops. I'm a sucker for inspirational and business books.


I also have a passion for writing and helping individuals reach their true potential. I also blog and I have published two books (one on finding one's true purpose in life and another on leaving a job you hate and creating a business that you love).

I find that teaching individuals how to fly successfully is often directly related to how much an instructor can motivate that individual to believe that the student can do it! I believe good flight instructors have to be good motivators as well.

Frustrated filmmaker

I love all types of films and have always been a frustrated filmmaker. I channel my frustration into producing online learn to fly videos and content for our GoFly Online website, our GoFly Facebook page, YouTube and website. I am a huge believer in the power of video to both entertain and inform.

At GoFly we have installed video cameras into all of the aircraft with the aim of turning GoFly into an aerial production studio. This also gives the opportunity for each student to share their experience of learning to fly, with friends and family.