RAA Flight Training comparison for south east QLD

Sometimes it can be difficult for an aspiring pilot – or the parent of a potential pilot – to compare the pricing of flight schools. At GoFly we want to make your decision making as easy as possible so we have undertaken extensive research and created a comparison chart to show you the current dual rate prices for Recreational Aviation (RAA) training for various local flight schools, as well as what other costs you will incur on top of that rate and what other bonuses are included in the prices.  Now you can compare apples with apples.  At all schools you will need to join Recreational Aviation Australia as a youth ($214/yr) or adult member ($275) and you will need to purchase a $30 log book.

[This chart does not include the dual rates for General Aviation (GA) lessons which are taught in a heavier aircraft and are higher again.]

Landing fees

Briefing fees

Dual hire rate

Total hourly rate

GoFly Aviation
RAA only
Exams: $0
M'ship fees: $0
Briefings: $0
Flight test fee: $50




$328/hr for RAA training

Sunshine Coast Airport #1
M/ship $175/yr
Exam fees: $60 x4
Flight test fee: $120
Course material $215
Medical $200


$660 per student


$338/hr approx for RAA training

Caloundra Flight School #2
No membership fees
No online videos




$334/hr for RAA training

Annual m/ship $120
$35 per exam
No online videos




$400+ for RAA training

Sunshine Coast Airport # 2
RAA training + GA
No free sim use
No online videos




$498/hr for RAA training

Archerfield 1
No free sim use
No online videos




$444/hr for RAA training

Archerfield 2
General Aviation
No free sim use
No online videos




$475/hr for GA training

*GoFly Online’s 350+  video lessons, quizzes and interviews guide you from your initial RPC through Cross Country training, PPL, CPL and on to RAA Instructor Rating. They are FREE for GoFly students. Students at other flight schools can subscribe for as little as $9.90/month for Basic or $19.90 for Premium.

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To find out approximately how much it will cost you to achieve your RPC, please refer to Steps towards becoming a pilot.