Pic of female instructor

Georgia Woods

I first caught the bug for flying after an aerobatics flight in a little RV-7, flying out of Caloundra. I was in my second year of biomedicine at a university in Brisbane and decided to drop everything for this new-found passion.

In classic Georgia fashion, it was full steam ahead to complete my RPC through GoFly in a little over a month, with a passenger endorsement attached, in order to share the views with friends and family.

Not long after, I moved to Melbourne to commence the Jetstar cadetship that I was so lucky to have been offered. There I met some wonderful people, explored Victoria both from the air and ground, and completed my CPL, Multi-engine IFR, ATPLs, and MCC course.

In the short time I was in Victoria we experienced the 2019 fires, the 2020 COVID lockdowns, and wonderful Melbourne weather - though I wouldn't change it for the world.

Ever since my RPC, flying for me has been about sharing the experience with people. Hence, as soon as I moved home from Melbourne I jumped straight into the Instructor Rating with GoFly to keep the ball rolling. I am constantly looking forward to sharing the excitement with new students, showing them this wonderful little part of the world we live in (and often diverting for a sneaky surf check on the way home).