Low-cost flight training for Sunshine Coast & Brisbane regions

GOFLY Cadets

Special rate for students

A special rate of $175 will be offered to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast school students aged 14-18 years, for a 70 minute lesson

online flying lessons

Your learning starts on the ground, with a 30 minute pre-flight lesson watching our flying lessons in our 360-degree VR headsets or on a projector

Up in the air

Your flight training will begin with your instructor give you a 30 minute flying lesson, putting into practice what you learned in the 360 degree pre-flight lesson

Back on the ground

You will spend the last 10 minutes of your lesson talking with your instructor about what you have just learned in your fight training

GoFly Aviation is the only flight school in Australia offering the lessons required for achieving your Recreational Pilot Certificate, in 360-degree vision.

Just $149 for a 12 month subscription! 

After your flying lesson your instructor will answer all your questions and book you in for your next flight. If you fly every fortnight you could achieve your pilot certificate in less than 2 years at a cost of around $88 per week.

Don’t forget to check out our annual GoFly Scholarship for 14-18 year olds (valued at around $10,000)  here.

Start Now by Calling us on 1800 707 433

What people are saying
'The GoFly360 lessons are such a great resource for learning to fly. Almost as good as the real thing. I wish I had it at the start of my pilot training. Great tool for reviewing flying lessons and taking learning to fly a step further.'
Daygin Prescott
'Astonishing experience. Almost like flying the plane yourself. The ability to look around and see what a student in a plane would see, makes the experience feel more real; a marvellous tool for students."
Ben Ford