Georgia Woods

Georgia jetstar

Before flying, I was studying bio-medicine in the hope of eventually become a doctor for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (how ironic). Though I loved the study, it only took one flight in a little RV-8 to change my mind. 

Through friends who had raved about GoFly, I met Nathan and the team, and from there I started flying! Within a couple of months, I acquired my RPC and passenger endorsement – showing off the wonderful coastline to any friends and family that trusted me enough to fly with me. 

On the last day of April, an opportunity with Jetstar arose and after a simple application, Jetstar invited me down for the aptitude testing in Melbourne. It took some long weeks of brushing up on physics but it all paid off: a few weeks later I was back down there for interviews. Then, after refreshing my emails non-stop for 12 days, they informed me that I’d made it into the cadetship! 

I leave for Melbourne tomorrow, and though that means leaving the beautiful Sunny Coast for 18 months it’ll all be worth it for a shot at the big jets. If it weren’t for the boys at GoFly I wouldn’t be half as passionate and excited about flying as I am – which I’m sure is what makes a great pilot!  

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