GoFly unbelievable Special OFFER

Obtain your RAA Pilot Certificate for just $5,500! Valid for Australian pilots beginning their training any time between Monday 1 – Monday 15 October 2018. Book in now!

Boeing 737 simulator

20 hours of flying

You will receive up to 20 hours of flying in our beautiful and well maintained new Sling plane

Free subscription to gofly360

You will receive a 12 month subscription to our GoFly360 online lessons (valued at $149) to speed up your training and refresh your memory*

Free VR headset

You will receive a free VR headset which you can insert your smartphone into for watching your online lessons (valued at $29).


We are the only Australian flight school to offer an accessible online syllabus through Flight Schedule Pro. You will always know which lessons you have completed (to what standard) and what lessons are left before you graduate. (valued at $30.)

Free Theory

Your theory and pre-flight briefings are free

Free boeing 737 Jet Sim use

At the completion of your Recreational Pilot Certificate, you will receive two hours in our Boeing simulator (valued at $378)

Free exams

Your theory exams are also provided to you for free, marked for free and feedback is free!

Free repeat flight test

We are so sure that you will pass your flight test and achieve your Recreational Pilot Certificate the first time around, that we will provide any second flight tests for FREE (valued at $299).

At GoFly Aviation, we like to do things differently. We use the latest technology and allow you to spend more time on the ground learning, and more time in our simulators, to make you a more competent pilot, thereby helping you achieve your dream of flying in the most efficient time possible and with minimum cost. We are also the only flight school in the world to create online flight training lessons using 360-degree video, to help you become a better pilot.

All lessons are one-on-one with your instructor in the classroom and in the air. Our special offer lasts for a limited time, and can be undertaken as:

Option 1: Training five days per week (two hours of briefings and two hours of flying per day) for two weeks, or  

Option 2: Training four hours (two hours of theory lessons and two hours of flying lessons) on a Saturday and Sunday spread over 5-6 weekends.

The price includes 20 hours of flying in our new Sling plane, free theory, exams and briefings as well as a subscription to Flight Schedule Pro online syllabus (valued at $30), a year long subscription to our innovative GoFly360 online lessons (valued at $149). We will even throw in a free VR headset for your smartphone, for watching our lessons in 360-degree video. Plus, we will give you two hours instruction in our Boeing 737 Jet Simulator (valued at $378) at the completion of your Recreational Pilot Certificate and a second Flight Test if required (valued at $299).

You can experience the complete first online flying lesson in 360-degree video for free by clicking here, or, you can experience the first online flying lesson in standard view for free by clicking here.

If you still have questions, call our office on 0426 282 226 to chat to our Chief Pilot about our special offer. If you already know that you would like to take advantage of this great deal, then call, email or enrol at any time, using our booking form. We will then customise a course for you.

If you are an overseas visitor having a holiday in our beautiful part of the world while learning to fly, please visit our Overseas students page for budget accommodation near the airport.

Please note: Membership of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA) is compulsory and costs $225 (paid after your 3rd lesson). Your Pilots Log Book and BAK theory book is essential and will cost $98 (total). You can view our syllabus and find out what materials are required, here. The RAA training syllabus is competency-based and while our course is designed to give you the best training in the minimum time, we cannot guarantee each student will reach flight test standard by 20 hours. GoFly is committed to achieving this aim and any flight time over 20 hours will receive an incredibly generous 15% discount on our normal hourly rate. 

*If you have purchased the online lessons and then become a full-time student of GoFly Aviation, we will deduct the cost of GoFly360 from your flying lessons. Just let us know when booking your flying lesson.

Exams and Theory

1. Pre Solo Exam

After a number of hours of tuition, your instructor will get you to sit your first exam which is your pre-solo exam. Passing this exam will allow you to fly the plane by yourself for the first time, which is often one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

2. Radio Exam

The radio exam is done at the same time as your pre-solo. It is designed to prove that you have sufficient knowledge to fly the airplane in a 'pilot in command' situtation.

3. AIR Legislation

About half way through your training you will complete the air legislation exam which highlights the rules of the air and whom has right of way, as well as various other aspects of Air Legislation.

4. BAK

BAK stands for Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and covers a wide range of aspects of flying i.e. Engines, Aerodynamics, Weather and much more.

5. Human Factors

The last exam is Human Factors and is an exam about the human element. For example, are you allowed to fly after scuba diving?

You can see our full syllabus here on our ‘Steps to becoming a Pilot’ page.

Frequently asked questions

Currently anyone at any age can start learning to fly. However in order to pilot the aircraft on your own, you must be 15 years old.


We follow the RAA Pilot Certificate course and extend this with helpful videos & books. We recommend the Aviation Theory Centre BAK/Human Factors book for study material.

All training at GoFly is based on competancy of the pilot and not on hours of tuition. A student will only receive their certificate or licence if they have passed all tests and the Instructor deems their flying to be satisfactory. Most students obtain their certificate within 20-25 hours.

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