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Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor is a great way to share your passion for flying with others.

If you’ve got the right demeanor to teach, to enthuse, and to support learner fliers then you might like to consider broadening your flying skills, and helping others achieve their dream of flying.

Not only is teaching a great way to to pass on your knowledge but your own flying skills will also skyrocket as you work through the best way to convey complex matters to novices.

GoFly Aviation offers the chance to become a flying instructor to qualified RAA (or GA) Instructor rating, with part-time or full-time courses available. With over 4,000 hours flight experience amongst our own Instructors, we’re well placed to help you advance to the next stage.

Achieving your Instructor Rating opens new opportunities for you as an aviator.  Not only can you earn money in the aviation industry, but you get to fly more often and become a valuable part of a flying business.

We have partnered with Study Loans to not only offer finance for our Instructor Rating course but also Command Time and Conversion (if required). To find out more, visit our GoFly Finance page.  

To discuss the price of tuition and to tailor a customised course to suit your availability, call our Chief Pilot on 0426 282 226, or email goflyaviation@gmail.com


Prerequisite one

RA-AUS Pilot Certificate & Class 2 Medical Certificate

Prerequisite two

Cross Country Endorsement

Prerequisite Three

Passenger Endorsement

Prerequisite four

Minimum flying hours are 150 hundred hours total time RAA (including 100 hours total command - of which 25 hours must be in command of a recreational aircraft)

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