extra 300 underside

Lawrie Stevens
Flight Instructor

Lawrie is a commercial and private pilot with more than 30 years of aviation experience.

Originally trained in Australia he has significant experience flying privately in the USA and Europe. Flying to remote and island locations was his main source of recreational flying, however, four years ago he began flying competitive aerobatics and has competed in both state and national championship events.

Plane Owner

Lawrie is the co-owner of an Extra 300 and Robin 2160 aerobatic aircraft with Colin Appleton (who is also a previous Australian Aerobatic Champion).


Lawrie is the current Australian Aerobatic Champion for the International Graduate class. By his own admission this type of flying has improved his pilot skills immensely and made being a pilot so much more satisfying.

Know your limits

He is currently a pilot for the ‘Ultimate Thrill Ride” adventure flights which are conducted in the Extra 300 aircraft. An essential part of pilot skills training is not only knowing the limits of your aircraft but also of yourself. If you want to extend those limits with accomplished and advanced handling skills, then you will find Lawrie a great pilot with whom to discuss how to improve your skills.