Lui Decipeda instructor

Luigino Decipida
Manager - GoFly Singapore

I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a professional pilot. I grew up poring over aviation books and eventually got my Degree in Aviation at Griffith University and got my Instructor Rating from GoFly.


More than my love for flight, I have a passion to impart knowledge to my students and to be able to inspire students about aviation. I am very grateful to be able to further indulge in my love for flight by being the Manager of GoFly Singapore.

GoFly Singapore

During my early teens, I struggled to find affordable, structured flight training in Singapore without breaking the bank. I partnered with GoFly in Caloundra to form 'GoFly Singapore' to help and inspire pilots back home to pursue their dreams affordably, just like I did. I teach the students part of the ground training in Singapore before they attend flight training at GoFly Aviation in Australia.