Recreational Pilot Certificate

A Recreational Pilot Certificate is the first step in learning to fly. Recreational Aviation Australia is the national body which issues Recreational Pilot Certificates. 

Video Recording

When you train at GoFly we give you the option to record your lessons. We know that things happen quickly. This allows you to review what the instructor has suggested.

Learning to FLY

We believe learning to fly is life-changing and we have created a unique flight school around that concept. (We love helping you achieve your dream and we love sharing your journey.)

Our Instructors

Our instructors take flying seriously and not themselves. We make YOU feel comfortable and at ease when learning to fly.

Simulator and Gofly360

We use the latest technology to make learning to fly easier and fun. We have created our own online lessons shot in 360-degree video available for you to watch anytime, anywhere on any device in any weather!

Choose your Path

RA-Aus training consists of a number of areas in which you need to be competent. 

Pilot Certificate

Pilot Licence

  • Free Sim Use
  • Free Training Videos
  • Free RA Exams
  • Drivers Licence Requirement*

Pilot Certificate


  • Navigation
  • Passenger
  • Constant Speed Prop
  • Tail Dragger

STEPS towards becoming a Pilot

1. Pre Solo Exam

After a number of hours your instructor will get you to sit your first exam which is your pre-solo exam. This will allow you to fly the plane by yourself for the first time. Often going down in history as one of the most memorable experiences.

2. Radio Exam

The radio exam is done at the same time as your pre-solo. It is designed to provide and prove that you have sufficient knowledge to fly the airplane in a pilot in command situtation.

3. AIR Legislation

Roughly half way through your training you will complete the air legislation exam which highlights the rules of the air and whom has right away among various other aspects pertaining to Air Legislation.

4. BAK

BAK stands for Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and the test covers a wide range of all aspects of flying i.e. Engines, Aerodynamics, Weather and many more.

5. Human Factors

The last exam is Human factors and provides the student with an exam on the topics around the human element. For example, flying after scuba diving. Is it allowed? And many more questions around checking yourself before your flight.

Frequently asked questions

Currently anyone at any age can start learning to fly. However in order to Pilot the aircraft on your own, you must be 15 years old.

No. However, if you are over the age 75 you will require a Doctors Certificate indicating that you are fit to drive a car and therefor an aircraft.

We follow the RAA Syllabus and extend this with helpful videos & books. There are many different types out there so we will guide you through choosing what is appropriate for your flight training.

Flight training duration is entirely up to you. Because the majority of the training is competency based some are able to complete the training faster then others. However, it’s not how fast you do the training but how well trained you are.

The weight limit for the RA aircraft is 110kg.

Typical Course Outline

Consisting of the learning the fundamental basics of preparing and flying an aircraft

There are 5 major exams to complete your pilot certificate. Starting with the pre-solo exam.

The other advantage of the Recreational Pilot Certificate is that you do not require an Aviation medical. If you are fit enough to drive a vehicle you are fit enough to fly a recreational Aircraft. You can start learning at any age but cannot go solo until you are fifteen years of age.

While the minimum hours is 20 hours to obtain your pilot certificate most individuals obtain their certificate within 25 to 30 hours.

Because flight training is competency based the duration of the flight can vary depending on the students capability. See our ‘Specials’ for part-time and fulltime students.

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Recent Pilots
"After searching different methods of pursuing my dreams of flying; price, time and methods would always dishearten my pursuit of flying…

Until I spoke to GoFly Aviation; they have a dynamic team willing to help you fly no matter your circumstances, flexible times and a well-constructed plan for any licence you pursue."
Alex Heather
RA Pilot
"I chose GoFly initially purely based on cost and location (let's face it, the aviation industry requires a decent savings account, or personal loan). I have been doing my training in a Sling, and it is a remarkable aircraft to fly. My experience with the staff at GoFly Caloundra so far has been more than pleasant as everyone is relaxed, friendly and confident in and out of the cockpit.

As someone who has approximately 370 hours total time, I can honestly say the hours I have spent with GoFly so far, have been the best hours of my flying career. I would recommend GoFly to anyone who has dreamt of flying, from recreational purposes to commercial purposes."
Nathan Slee
Commercial Pilot & Instructor Rating