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SunJet Simulator

Have you ever dreamt of flying a commercial jet? Our jet simulator is a reconstruction of full-sized cockpit, and made up of 70% genuine Boeing parts.

The  three metre high screen utilises four image projectors, allowing you to experience 200-degree vision from the cockpit. It is a sound and vision simulator only and you will not experience motion but you will feel as if you are moving due to the quality of the images.

We have 19 airports which you can fly into, including Queenstown in NZ, Samos in Greece, Innsbruck in Austria, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Las Vegas and Dubai. 

You will fly with a co-pilot who will explain the various instruments and navigation aids and all that you will need to know in order to fly the Jet.  Being in a simulator rather than a real aircraft allows you to do things that would never be attempted in real life (like flying under the Sydney Harbour Bridge!). 

As you become more confident with your flying skills, the adventures will become more challenging. Have no fear though, as your co-pilot will be right by your side to ensure you land safely.

Booking a flight in our simulator is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Choose the length of your flight

Choose from our 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute flights and pay online (below).

2. Choose where you will fly to

Upon arrival, you will get to select the route/s you will fly.

3. Choose your Captain's shirt

Select your size from our range of Captain's shirts

Combo deals: Sling flight plus sim experience!

If you cannot decide between a flight in our beautiful Sling planes or a flight in the 737 simulator, you can now select both! Choose a combo to suit your budget, over on our Gift Voucher page.