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Got an airline interview coming up?

How you present yourself in the interview and how you perform in the simulator will determine your chances of taking your place in what many consider to be the best office in the world. If you have never gone through an interview or have little or no experience flying a modern jet airliner, the process can be extremely daunting and stressful.

We can help you prepare for your interview through a personalised, one-on-one session with an experienced airline Captain who has over over 25,000 hours of flight time in both narrow and wide-bodied airliners. He will guide you through the simulator segment and share knowledge that can’t be gained from a book, including information that could be the difference between a successful interview and disappointment. 

Our jet simulator (based on a 737-800) is the only simulator available for casual use on the Sunshine Coast. You do not have to be a GoFly student pilot to use it. Training on our simulator will allow the pilot to acquire an in-depth understanding of aircraft systems, flight planning, weight and balance, and performance and can help provide pilots with the skills to operate either as a single pilot or part of a crew. A combination of personalised advice from a professional instructor, along with simulator training, will make you ready to approach an airline with your application. 

The GoFly Jet Simulator can be booked between 7.30am-9pm, subject to instructor availability. Contact Patrick on 07 5341 8125 or by email at to arrange your session time.