Tony Chamberlin
Senior RA Instructor / Flight Engineer

I have extensive test flying experience on a wide variety of homebuilt and high performance aircraft. Current RA-Aus Senior Instructor with Advanced Pilot Award, Current Structures and Engines LAME and RA-Aus Unrestricted Level 1, 2 and 4 Maintenance Authority holder.

I have 3 trades: I'm a qualified carpenter/joiner and registered builder; plus I hold a Cert 4 in light marine engineering with master technician certificates; and currently a LAME.

Aviation Experience

1700-plus hours....(500-plus on tailwheel) 87 different aircraft models flown as pilot in command....yep - crazy isn't it!

I love...

Being married to my beautiful wife Willeke; while living on the Sunny Coast and flying for GoFly runs a close second.


I have endorsements for tailwheel, constant speed prop, retractable undercarriage, low-level, unlimited aerobatic, pylon race approval, formation aerobatics, extensive low-level aerobatic airshow display experience and competition aerobatic experience.

I am the Australian Light Aircraft Championships Silver Medal winner for aerobatics and formation flying ex-military (warbird) type and have endorsements for Hawker Sea Fury FB 11, Fiat G.59-4B, CAC-19 Boomerang, CAC-16 Wirraway, CAC-25 Winjeel, North American T28 Trojan, North American T6, SNJ and Harvard,Yakovlev Yak 52. I LOVE this stuff!