Andrew Beazley

I grew up in Narrandera, NSW. Competition water skiing was my passion as a child and we travelled a lot each summer. I began instructing when I was 12 and was appointed Malaysian Team Coach when I was 23.

I believe things happen for a reason and it's important to enjoy where life’s journey takes you.

My passion for aviation began in high school. Although it took a year studying PE Teaching to discover a pathway, the opportunity to begin my aviation journey was not passed up. Carpe Diem.


My flying career spans 30 years, 23 with the airlines, and it has been a real adventure. I have worked on tropical islands, cattle stations, flown in Papua New Guinea, operated night freight within Australia and achieved my dream of Domestic and International Airlines.

In my spare time I enjoy waterskiing (still), building my own aircraft (Vans RV7) and spending time with my family. I taught my wife to ski on our 2nd date, and our 3 children learnt when they started school.


I completed my instructor rating with GoFly and am grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me. Now I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences, to help the next generation begin their journey and to ensure it is a safe one.