THE GoFly Online FLIGHT TRAINING PLATFORM complements your real life fight training. Speed up your flight training, save money and pass your exams with online theory and practice quizzes



Learn the concepts and terminology of flying, while watching videos, anywhere, any time.


Save money by using our online theory books and linked quizzes to help pass your exams.

Flight Test Ready

Improve your skills and prepare for your flight test

Refresh your Skills

Refresh your memory of procedures even if you have your pilot's licence.


Includes entertaining videos such as reality shows, documentaries and pilot interviews


All lessons have quizzes attached so that you can test your understanding of the concepts

Save money

Achieve your licence faster, saving time and money


Too wet, windy or cloudy to fly today? Continue to learn by watching the videos.


Your experienced Instructors have Commercial & Charter Pilot experience.

Helps with decision making

Helps you decide whether you want to proceed with learning to fly

You can access the GoFly Online platform
even if you are not a GoFly Aviation student

Basic Subscription:
$9.90 per month

Get a head start, save hundreds of dollars on your flight training and increase the speed of your learning.

Imagine being able to revisit your last flight lesson to refresh your memory, or, how about getting a sneak peak of what will be covered in your next lesson? Now you can do both! You can access all the Recreational Pilot Certificate lessons, the free content such as Flight School, GoFly Fix,  GoFly Outbound and pilot interview videos and quizzes on any device, at a time that suits you. 

(If you have purchased the basic GoFly Online lessons and then become a student of GoFly Aviation, we will deduct the cost from your flying lessons. Just let us know at the time of booking your lesson.)

Premium Subscription:
$19.90 per month

The Premium subscription includes all the RPC lessons and the free content such as Flight School, GoFly Fix,  GoFly Outbound and pilot interview videos from the Basic subscription

It also includes an extra 22 x Cross Country endorsement lessons, a How to Pass your Flight Test video, a Passenger Endorsement video, pre-flight and inflight Instructor Rating videos and Cirrus and CPL lessons. These videos will save you time and money as well as prepare you for your navigation training and nav flight test.

NEW! Easy Books to help you pass your exams (Pre-solo and Air Leg, Human Factors, Radio Operations, BAK). 

(If you have purchased the Premium GoFly Online lessons and then become a student of GoFly Aviation, we will deduct the cost from your flying lessons. Just let us know at the time of booking.)

GOFly Online Testimonials
Before each flight, I prepare by watching the online videos and do the online quizzes. When I arrive at the airfield, my instructor would go through the key points, answer any questions and ask me a few questions to gauge my understanding. I find this approach highly valuable in preparing for each flight training session and sets my expectations of the exercises we will then go through that day. As I progress through my training in circuits, I often review several videos to refresh myself of topics already completed in the syllabus. I highly recommend this approach to flight training and it really contributes to maximising the value of the time spent with the instructor.
Student Pilot
The fastest, most optimum and safe way from student to licensed pilot has been via the combination of the GoFly Online videos with the GoFly Online books and quizzes. The videos are cutting edge with pre-flight, 2D & 3D versions included for repeat viewing & almost a simulation level of learning. I was able to pass all the theory exams at the first attempt, as the quizzes were linked to the exact paragraph/ chapter in the online theory books, which created the fastest possible learning curve.
'The video lessons are such a great resource for learning to fly. Almost as good as the real thing. I wish I had it at the start of my pilot training. Great tool for reviewing flying lessons and taking learning to fly a step further.'
Daygin Prescott
"Astonishing experience. Almost like the real thing. The ability to look around in 360 view in some of the videos and see what the student sees makes the experience feel more real, a marvellous tool for students."
Ben Ford
'Every student that watches these videos before their flight with me starts the lesson on a high note, and grasps the entire lesson much faster than students that only have the generic pre-flight briefing on a whiteboard.'
Nathan Slee
'Amazing video Damien, very well put together and very informative; makes understanding what goes on as a pilot flies the aircraft, easier to understand'
Mark Dorward
'Those videos; they are awesome. I don't know how many times I've watched the lessons and also moved the cursor back and watched a particular bit over and over until I understood the concept. Those flight schools that don't have videos like these, I reckon they are at a great disadvantage'
GoFly Graduate
'Honestly GoFly has just been so great with furthering my passion to fly. All the information is right at my finger tips before I even sit the cockpit because of the GoFly Online videos.'
GoFly Scholarship Student
'I wanted to endorse the GoFly Online video subscription service as a must have for the aspiring student and new pilot. I was able to move through my RPC and Cross Country endorsement with a level of confidence and belief that came from the video series. My instructor was terrific and I found that accessing the videos in between lessons allowed my to visualise what I was likely to experience in the cockpit throughout the syllabus. This was invaluable. The videos can be watched over and over until you are able to understand the importance of each step and component of the syllabus. As a new and inexperienced pilot, I intend maintaining my subscription to provide me a go-to source of information around all aspects of flying. There will always be a need to revise procedures and the GoFly platform is ideal for this. I have no doubt my training would have taken longer and been more stressful if I hadn’t utilised this terrific tool.'
Mark Bindon
'I am absolutely loving GoFly Online and it's been really useful, I am studying for my RPL and having an Australian online learning platform is fantastic; radio calls, procedures etc and the calmness of the instructors and their way of relating material is great. I have recommended you to a few guys country-wide, so thank you and Ireally appreciate your efforts.