We have the most modern light sport aircraft available and all our aircraft are less than 10 years old. They are maintained to the highest standards by Aircraft Maintenance Specialists right next door to us, so this will provide you with confidence when flying with us or renting one of our aircraft. And because we occasionally slip Mark, Tony, Quinn and the team, a slab of beer, they will fix fiddly little things for us almost immediately, and often on weekends, which certainly makes it easier to operate a 7-day per week flight school. 

To find out approximately how long it will take and how much it will cost you to achieve your RPC or Navigation Endorsement, please click on this link Steps towards becoming a pilot.

Included for FREE with every enrolment at GoFly Aviation are the invaluable GoFly Online videos to take you from your RPC through Cross Country training, Passenger Endorsement and on to your RPL/PPL and RAAus Instructor Rating.  Students at other flight schools all around the world can subscribe for as little as $9.90/month for Basic (ab initio) or $19.90/month for Premium. The videos, theory books and pilot practice exams have already been purchased by student pilots from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Cessnock, Jindabyne, Canberra, UAE, Lithuania, Poland, NZ, the UK and the US. 

Our Private Hire and cancellation policies can be found at the bottom of this page.


new Sling2 aircraft

Sling 2 (7788)

THIS Sling 2 is a record-breaking solidly built, beautifully designed aircraft.

Sling 2 aircraft

Sling 2 (1675)

THIS SLING is a solidly built, beautifully designed aircraft.

8515 from rear on tarmac

Sling 2

Our 3RD flight trainer, is a solidly built, beautifully designed Sling 2 aircraft.

Sling 8514

Sling 2 (8514)


When deciding which flight school to learn to fly at, it can be tempting to choose one for the hourly rate alone. When comparing flight school prices, make sure you ask about any other briefing fees or compulsory theory book purchases on top of the cost of flying. Sometimes, what might look like a really low hourly rate for an RPC, turns out to be the same as other schools, once you add in all those extra costs. We recommend you visit a couple of schools, ask lots of questions and take a trial flight to see whether you like their aircraft and teaching style.

Aerobatics flights

Robin aerobatic trainer

Robin 2160

Low-wing tricycle undercarriage aerobatic traineR.

Cancellation Policies

If you need to cancel a booked flying lesson, please call the landline on 07 5341 8125 or SMS 041 049 6438, and try to give us at much notice as possible, as our instructors will have made themselves available to teach at that time, and some of them travel from Brisbane. Lessons cancelled without 24 hours’ notice may incur a $100 cancellation fee.

GoFly Aviation Private Hire agreement

If you private hire our Sling aircraft, you are agreeing to the following conditions. A dual circuit check may be required with an Instructor if you have not flown within the preceding 30 days or if conditions warrant a circuit check due to lack of currency in those conditions. Circuit checks and any recurrent training up to 30 minutes will be charged at the private hire rate. If you have not flown for more than 3 months and require a longer check, the dual rate applies.

If you hire a GoFly Aviation Aircraft, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • You will notify an Instructor of any pre-existing damage to the aircraft
  • You will return the aircraft in good condition after your flight
  • If you cannot return the aircraft to the home base due to weather, you are responsible for the additional costs of ferrying the aircraft back to home base if you cannot collect the aircraft within a reasonable time-frame. You will secure or tie down the aircraft to minimise movement and damage.
  • You will notify the instructor or CFI immediately of any damage that may have occurred to the aircraft during operation.
  • You will not do a touch and go or land at any other airfield without notifying and receiving permission from the GoFly Instructor on duty that day
  • If any damage occurs to the aircraft and you are deemed at fault, you are required to pay any repairs, insurance excess or ‘loss of income’ fee, up to a maximum value of $1500, which will be payable within 7 days of the incident or accident.