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Our world-first GoFly Online videos assist our students to learn their procedures for flying and enable them to refresh their memories after a flight. The lessons give a better understanding of topics and speed up learning – saving our students money. It’s like Netflix for pilots. All students enrolled at GoFly receive the videos for FREE when they sign up.

You can also benefit from our GoFly Online flight training platform no matter where you do your flight training. There’s a mix of free and subscription-based videos. There’s over 80 FREE videos on the site, including all our GoFly Fix videos (how to deal with emergency situations), plus the Taking Flight show, 25+ blogs and interviews with pilots. 

The 12 month Basic subscription which includes all your RPC lessons is priced at $99 per year (or $9.90/month) while a Premium subscription, includes 11 x RPC lessons,  23 x Cross Country lessons, 11 x Instructor Rating lessons, plus Cirrus and PPL lessons and is just $199 (or $19.90 monthly). 

Quizzes will be added at teh end of each lesson soon and new content is added weekly.  The lessons can be watched on any device. They are filmed in both standard view and 360-degree video.  To view 360-degree video on a standard computer, make sure you are using Chrome as your browser. Insert your cursor into the middle of the screen and move it left, right and up and down as required.  For a full immersive experience, you might like to purchase a VR headset from Jaycar Electronics for around $29 and insert your phone into it as Lachie has in the video below.

Testimonial from world-record holder Lachie Smart