GoFly Group, Directed by Damien Wills, is an overarching Incorporated Company which includes or partners with, a number of smaller companies. 

GoFly Aviation provides training for pilots from RPC through to Instructor Training, at Caloundra.

GoFly Global provides instructors and flight training for Gold Coast Sport Flying Training at Heck Field.

GoFly Online creates video and quiz flight training content for students at GoFly Aviation, and is also sold globally.

gofly logo

GoFly Aviation is an innovative flight school providing training for pilots from Recreational Pilot Certificate right through to Instructor Rating and Commercial Pilot Licence. GoFly, owned by Damien Wills, also provides a range of hands-on flights over the spectacular Sunshine Coast and hinterland for those who would like to experience flying. Damien is ably assisted by his partner (for admin, accounts and marketing) and his wonderful team of Flight Instructors – most of whom trained under him.

GoFly online training

GoFly Online provides online training for pilots to supplement their flying lessons. The website includes a mix of free content (student resources, tips, a reality TV show, careers advice and interviews with current pilots) as well as subscription content (ab initio, cross country, passenger endorsement, briefings and Instructor Rating lessons filmed in standard and 360 degree view). GoFly Online is a partnership between GoFly Aviation and Bravo Zulu.

GoFly Partnerships

CEO of GoFly Group, Damien Wills, believes in creating partnerships to harness the skills, and increase the viability, of individual businesses. He has formed collaborative partnerships with a number of individuals and organisations.

Gold coast sport flying training logo

GoFly Aviation and Gold Coast Sport Flying Training have combined forces to offer flight training at Heck Field near the township of Jacobs Well. 

GoFly Aviation and Colin Appleton of Sunshine Coast Flying School have combined forces to form GoFly Aerobatics, offering a range of aerobatic training in Caloundra.

Recreational AA logo

GoFly Online has partnered with Recreational Aviation Australia to offer members a number of free online flight training lessons and over 130 FREE informative videos.

Thomas from Bravo Zulu SEO and web design company, is a pilot and has done all the behind the scenes ‘coding and uploading’ for the GoFly Online website as well as managing the Google ads and SEO for the GoFly Aviation website.

GoFly partners with Platinum Cirrus Trainer, Adam Starr, from Starr Aviation, to offer RPL, PPL and CPL training and testing.


SunJet Simulations is located within the GoFly Aviation hangar and Patrick offers sim flights for fun and sim and airline interview training for pilots.

Gofly team and partners july 2020

In July 2020, all partners, admin staff and instructors got together for a presentation by CEO Damien Wills and new Head of Operations, David Karan, about the future of GoFly Group. It also included a few stories about the history of the school.