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Become a pilot for fun or as a career!

Take advantage of our special offer of full-time or part-time training for just $5,500 (includes 20 hours of flying, free theory, free access to our exclusive GoFly360 online flight lessons, a VR headset for viewing the lessons and 2 hours of training in our Boeing 737 Jet Simulator). Click here.

Local and overseas students choose GoFly Aviation because of our:

great location & no waiting

Caloundra is a non-controlled aerodrome. There are no clearances required, no restrictions between 10am-1pm and no long waits while commercial aircraft are landing.


You are also in the safe hands of our highly experienced Instructors. Owner and Chief Pilot, Damien Wills, only employs instructors who are passionate about teaching people to fly.

Taking Flight Reality TV show

You might even have the chance to take part in the world's first reality show set in a flight school. Check it out at www.takingflight.tv and subscribe to our channel


You can gain loads of free advice from our website and from our weekly GoFly Quick Tips and blogs. You will receive FREE HD video footage for all trial flights so that you can share your flight with others.

Customised learning

We will create a 'learn to fly' program designed to suit your life and your finances and to get your licence in the shortest time.

Two landing strips

Unlike Sunshine Coast airport, we have two landing strips, so you will rarely have to land in a cross-wind.

Safe Sling Planes

Your flight training will be in a beautiful glass-cockpit Sling 2 aircraft, maintained to the highest standards by Aircraft Maintenance Services (AMS) situated right next door

Digital pre-flight briefings

You will not have to sit through boring pre-flight briefings in front of a whiteboard. You will watch HD video briefings on a large screen in our modern air-conditioned office, before every dual flight lesson.

GoFly Cadet Program

If you are aged between 14-18 years, you can take advantage of the GoFly Cadet program, offering school students low-cost flight training with hi-tech equipment!

GoFly360 online lessons

As a GoFly student you will benefit from our world-first technology, with learn-to-fly lessons filmed in 360-degree video for you to watch anywhere, any time, on any device.

Transparent pricing

Do you want to pay extra for briefings, exams and landing fees? Of course not! Apart from your logbook and materials there are no other hidden costs.

Our values

GoFly Aviation's values are Innovation, Integrity, Customer Service and Compassion.

‘GoFly have a very nice modern range of light sport aircraft with amazing instructors. After 20 years having a break from learning to fly, it was great to get back to flying in such a friendly environment.  There was no pressure to rush through and the instructors always make sure you are comfortable and well practiced in all the theory and practical parts. I highly recommend anyone who has even the slightest interest in learning to fly, to give them a call and have an introductory flight.’



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Our Training Location

Caloundra Airport

Located south of the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra Airport provides ideal training conditions in a non-controlled environment.

Night VFR Facilities

Caloundra airport can operate for evening and night time operations. *Conditions Apply.

Paved Runways

All runways are paved, resulting in realistic professional landings just like that of airliners.