Here is a list of reasons why you might consider training with GoFly for your recreational pilot training:

MODERN training aircraft

Learn to fly in our safe glass-cockpit Sling aircraft for recreational training (maintained to the highest standards).


Receive a 12 month subscription to our exclusive online flight training lessons, quizzes, theory books and interviews.


You are also in the safe hands of our highly experienced Instructors. We only employ instructors who are passionate about teaching people to fly.

RPC, RPL, aerobatics

GoFly offers RPC, Nav, Passenger, RAA Instructor Rating and Aerobatic training.

Two landing strips

At YCDR we have two sealed runways, so you will rarely have to land in a cross-wind.

no waiting OR LANDING FEES

YCDR is a non-controlled aerodrome with no clearances, restrictions, landing fees or waiting times.

FREE briefings

No more dry briefings at a whiteboard. You will watch video briefings in the comfort of your own home at at time that suits you.


We do not charge for marking RAA exams or providing feedback.

Customised learning

We will create a 'learn to fly' schedule designed to suit your life and finances.

Flight SCHOOL TV show

You can see our students learning and our instructors at work in our 'Flight school' series on www.GoFly.Online

Our values

GoFly Aviation's values are Innovation, Integrity, Customer Service and Empathy.

Carbon Neutral

GoFly Aviation pays a tree planting company, to offset our carbon emissions each year.

In addition to the preflight and in flight lessons and quizzes, in the ‘Airducation‘ category of the flight training platform at GoFly Online, you will also find an ‘Aerotainment‘ category. This section contains another 19 episodes of Flight School, our Outbound series, our Test Flights and Demos videos, the short GoFly Fix and Maintenance videos, the AvPlan and Oz Runways videos plus interviews with pilots and even some documentaries. 

What our students say...

What the judges say...

2019 finalist Sunshine Coast Business Awards
2019 Fisher Community award

GoFly Aviation has an unblemished safety record and  complies with the newly introduced Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA) Safety Management System.  GoFly Aviation is part of GoFly Group Pty Ltd  ABN: 79630630027 


RAAus is our regulatory body for all recreational flight training.

GoFly Online is an online flight training platform developed by GoFly Group and Bravo Zulu web design agency.

GoFly pays a tree planting company to offset all the carbon emissions produced from our flight training.