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The Introductory Package costs just $880 and is the perfect way for an aspiring pilot to see if they like flying. You (or your teenager) can take three flying lessons with FREE insurance cover.  The Introductory Package includes:
  • 3 x 2-hour flying lessons (3 hrs on the ground and 3 hrs in the air, valued at $1035) 
  • FREE temporary membership of Recreational Aviation Australia, providing insurance for 3 lessons
  • 12 months Premium access to our exclusive GoFly Online flight training platform with videos and practice exams (valued at $199)
  • Five free online theory textbooks required for passing your RPC and nav exams (valued at $500)
  • 1 x Pilot Log Book (valued at $35)
  • GoFly Aviation cap ($15)
 Total value of package: over $1,620.

You can check out the Recreational Aviation Australia syllabus, the different licence options and times it takes to complete them, and our pricies, here 

If you need a bit of financial help, you can take a look at options for Study Loans and finance here

THE FINE PRINT: Once you enrol and book in for your first flight, you will receive your enrolment letter, giving you instructions on how to access the GoFly Online flight training platform and our lesson booking system. The $880 is payable at the office, at the end of your first flying lesson (credit card, direct transfer or cash). You will receive your pilot log book, cap and GoFly Online access after payment if you decide to continue on for the next two lessons. However, if you decide after your first flight, that flying is not for you and you do not to continue on to your second and third flights, you will only be charged at the current hourly rate for the first flight. You have nothing to lose!




12 month PREMIUM subscription to our GoFly Online lessons (valued at $199) to speed up your training and refresh your memory. Includes over 100 video lessons, pilot interviews, a reality show and blogs.

Free THEORY and Log books

Five online aviation theory textbooks (valued at $400). Pilot Log Book (valued at $30)

Free cap

GoFly Aviation cap (valued at $15.95)


You will receive three discounted x 60 min lessons plus temporary membership of RAA.


We offer an accessible online syllabus through Flight Schedule Pro. You will always know which of the 11 lessons you have completed and to what standard (valued at $30.)

Free Theory & exams

Your theory, briefings, exams, marking and exam feedback are always free.