Our student resources page provides the aviation community and students with quick shortcuts to the most common resources for becoming a pilot.

RAA Regulations

Recreational Aviation Australia governs Recreational Aviation in Australia. A Recreational Pilot Certificate is the first step on the path to your dream of flying. You can find out all about RAA as well as other valuable information.

CASA Regulations

CASA governs General Aviation in Australia. CASA provides the majority of information for your aviation requirements. 

Aviation Supplies

We recommend The Flight Store for all your aviation needs. They provide a great range and service.

Weather Forecast

Prior to any flight being conducted it is a requirement to review the local weather and the destination weather.

Visit AirServices for your latest NAIPS report as well as much more.

View the latest forecast from your local area.

Find our what the weather is like at Caloundra or the airport you wish to fly into or at, by checking the onsite weather cam 

Student Resources

Common Student Resources for GoFly Aviation.

Air Services provides Aeronautical Information packages including an ERSA (En Route Supplement Australia).

Click Here

 Radio Calls for Sunshine Coast Airport 

2021 NAVIGATION planning sheets with clearoff – Sheet1 (1)

You can start your nav planning at home by printing one of these sheets

Sling 2 Workbook GoFly Aviation (v3 Feb 2022)

Download a copy of the Sling 2 workbook here and save to your laptop or print a copy for studying. You can then either print and complete the answer sheet at home and bring it in for marking by an instructor, or do the test at our hangar using an answer sheet which we have printed off. It is compulsory to do the Sling workbook test before going solo and the results must be added to your student record sheet in Flight Schedule Pro.

Sling_Checklist for folders

This checklist is specific to GoFly Caloundra aircraft

GoFly students - What to study for your exams

At GoFly, you can take all your RPC and Nav theory exams and have them marked and receive feedback, for free, as part of your general training.

The Sling Workbook needs to be signed off prior to the first solo flight. You will find it above, on this page.  Kindly print off the last two answer pages only and complete the short quiz at the end of the workbook and bring it in so your instructor can mark it. 

Pre-Solo and Radio exams

We would recommend you sit the Pre-Solo and Radio exams after completing the first couple of circuit sessions so you’re ready for your first solo flight!  The pass mark is 80%.

There are theory practice exams on your GoFly Online website to help you with your Pre-solo, BAK and radio exams. You can find them here:

From late January 2022, GoFly students (and anyone else who purchases a Premium subscription to GoFly Online) will also be able to access our interactive Easy Books for Pre-solo, Radio, BAK, Human Factors and Air Legislation. This saves students hundreds of dollars as they no longer need to buy text books.

Please also revise all these six links for the Pre-Solo exam: 

  1. Visual Flight Rules Guide: Rules of the Air  and VFRG: light-and-ground-signals    
  2. CASA VFRG: 
  3. VMC requirements:
  4. RAAus Operations Manual: 
  5. Rules for prevention of collision: 

Air Legislation & Basic Aeronautical Knowledge exams

You need to sit the Air Legislation & Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) exams after logging around 2-3 hours solo time. The pass mark is 80%.  For 2021 you should purchase this text book to help with the BAK exam:  BAK (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge) book:   For 2022, please ask reception.

Please look at these three links which will help with following exams:

Air Legislation: general general-operations


BAK (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge) book:

Feel free to ask your instructor or the receptionist for the exam booklet and answer sheet for sitting your written tests.

In addition to the practice quizzes on our website at, you might also like to visit the Aussie Pilot Exams website to assist you with all your RAA exams ( They offer two options: the first is:

  1.  you can purchase their practice exams which have BAK, RPL and PPL questions for only $39.95 (normally $59.95). Simply visit to access this exclusive GoFly offer. 
  2. If you’d like even more detailed material, they offer an entire online RPC|RPL|PPL Course, which also includes practice exams (, if you wish to purchase this, just use the coupon code “gofly20%off” at the checkout, to save 20% off the purchase price.

Please let an instructor know if you have further questions.