‘I chose GoFly because the aircraft are modern, safe and really easy to fly; and because of the online resources, which meant I could save costs and was only paying for my flight hours;  and lastly, I chose them because Caloundra had two runways and was easier for landing without cross winds.’

Dominick from Singapore, Sept 2022

‘I first met the GoFly Team in June 2020 and I felt welcomed from the very first moment. I have been supported and encouraged by the team at every stage of my flying training and this has helped me to achieve all of my goals and to have one of the best training experiences of my life. GoFly truly have the best aircraft, the best people, the best online training systems and the best culture. If your dream is to learn to fly then it’s definitely worth talking to the team at GoFly, you’ll discover a group of people who are passionate about flying and learning, and they will support and enable you throughout every step of your journey. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Once you start with GoFly you will never look back!’
Marcel – now the owner of his own Sling TSi aircraft, 2022

I completed my RPC over a period of around 5 months flying almost every week and I cannot fault the team at GoFly. All the staff are very professional and accommodating. I felt safe and in control at all times with no reluctance in asking questions or for further help. The exams are free and the dual rates are very competitive. The GoFly online videos made my time in the air exponentially better, I was able to watch them as many times as I felt I needed, and that meant on the day of the lesson I was properly prepared and knew exactly what to expect. The planes GoFly use are very modern, with all the features you could want in a light sport aircraft; they are very responsive, comfortable and the bubble canopy makes visibility fantastic. If you’re looking to start your flight training I wouldn’t even look anywhere else, GoFly are fantastic and you will have the best time! There’s loads of information on the website and the team are always ready to help. Lastly, a special shout out to Dan who I did most of my training with, fantastic pilot, super friendly and always willing to help out. 

Matt, 2021

I started flying with GoFly as a walk-in customer. I told Damien that I wanted to enjoy the learning experience and not be rushed. That has certainly been the case as I have found Damien and the crew at GoFly to be very professional and friendly. The Sling aircraft are well maintained and great to learn in. For an outfit to learn to fly with,  I would certainly recommend GoFly.


I would like to personally thank you for creating your GoFly Online learning program and offering student pilots like myself the ability to continue learning 24/7 in the comfort of their own home. After wanting to learn to fly for many years I stumbled upon the GoFly lessons. Hesitant at first to purchase them, I took the leap and purchased the online program. I now watch the lessons on a regular basis and have found it to be the most professional, informative, educational and affordable online flying syllabus available and is a valuable resource to anybody looking to learn to fly or is currently doing flying lessons. The GoFly Online lessons are great for refreshing your memory before your next hands-on lesson and give you a clear insight into what your instructor will be wanting you to do in order to fly accurately and safely to obtain your pilot certificate. When learning to fly you are taking in so much new information in each lesson, so this is a fantastic way to relax and look at the key points of a lesson slowly and at ease and you can replay and go over things as many times as you need, which is great! 

I guarantee that any student pilot currently working towards their pilot certificate will enjoy watching and immersing themselves in Gofly Online as much as I have. I have found it to be invaluable in my flight training.


If you are considering learning to fly this is a great way to learn about and enter the world of aviation.  Damien and his team have produced an extensive library of step by step videos which link perfectly with each lesson. This means that you can watch a video before your lesson and then watch it again after your lesson to help improve your understanding and retention. A world class process that you can utilise from anywhere in Australia to help you learn. If you’re learning to fly then this is a hugely valuable resource for you.
Dave, converting pilot, 2020

David recently completed his Instructor Rating with GoFly and was assisted by the range of Instructor Rating videos which we created and uploaded to GoFly Online. He was able to watch the videos in the comfort of his home. He was employed by GoFly during 2020.

Paul recently passed his Instructor Rating test with GoFly. Paul used to listen to the audio component of the videos in his car on his way to the hangar, to help him get his patter, down pat! He passed his Instructor Rating test and was employed by worked for GoFly during 2020- 21.

Sling 2 plane

Through a friend, I was referred to GoFly about 3 years ago. One of their friendly instructors took me for a trial flight and I was immediately hooked. Although I live in Toowoomba, there is nothing better than the drive to Caloundra in anticipation of what is every time an awesome lesson, flight or both. Having obtained my RPC, I now enjoy going there every few weeks just to keep my hand in and hopefully in time I will purchase my own aircraft. The setting at Caloundra airport, the varied scenery when one flies in the local area, are just awesome. But what really makes GoFly is the people:- Damien and all the crew are always friendly, welcoming, patient (very!), and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend GoFly to anyone slightly interested in pursuing this wonderful activity, be it for business/career or pleasure. 

Paul Dashwood, Toowoomba

I took my first step towards my dream of flying at GoFly and it was superb to say the least. As a Singaporean, learning to fly in Singapore can be a hefty investment, however, GoFly offered a range of competitive pricing without compromising the quality of the school, its instructors and more importantly its Sling planes! GoFly cultivates a learner-friendly environment and builds confidence in aspiring pilots who are chasing their dreams. I highly recommend GoFly and I look forward to return to further my RPC! 🙂

Mikhail, Singapore

SLing aircraft

GoFly is the best place to learn how to fly. Why? Because of the following: 1. Very friendly and experienced instructors 2. Due to the use of innovative technology, they have taken flight training to a whole new level. 3. The prices are fairly reasonable and cheaper compared to the flying schools. So I would highly recommend people to start their flight training with GoFly Aviation.

Tashi, Brisbane

I chose GoFly Aviation to learn to fly as in my opinion they had a better and clearer pathway to achieving your RPC and then onwards to RPL and so on. The team at GoFly are always on hand and accommodating no matter the time of day! I could not recommend GoFly Aviation highly enough and have already referred them to friends who are also passionate about learning to fly.

Colin Mason (now a GoFly Instructor)

colin passing flight test for nav

I have been learning to fly with GoFly. The Sling that I am learning in is very well looked after. The instructors are friendly and clear with what they want you to do. I would have no problem in recommending them to anyone that wants to learn to fly.


GoFly have a very nice modern range of light sport aircraft with amazing instructors. After 20 years having a break from learning to fly, it was great to get back to flying in such a friendly environment.  There was no pressure to rush through and the instructors always make sure you are comfortable and well practiced in all the theory and practical parts. I highly recommend anyone who has even a slight interest in learning to fly, to give them a call and have an introductory flight.

Kaine, aircraft owner

new Sling2 aircraft

I began my flying career with GoFly 5 years ago. I have since obtained my Recreational Pilot’s Licence and experienced many hours of wonderful flying. Learning to fly has added an exciting dimension and a challenging aspect to my life which has flowed over into many other areas.

GoFly have, in my experience, always been professional, courteous and friendly in all my dealings with them. They put people at the centre of everything they do, always seeking to help clients achieve personal growth as well as increased skills levels in flying. I highly recommend GoFly to anyone who would like to learn to fly or take their current flying to another level.


Great place to learn to fly. The instructors have that balance of ‘relaxed but-on-the-ball’ thorough approach to instruction. The aerodrome with all bitumen runways and the Sling aircraft are great tools for the job at hand. As a student I have always felt relaxed and a part of ‘the family’. Go for it. Go Fly.


If you’re interested in learning to fly I would highly recommend GoFly. Although I was a bit apprehensive about getting my pilot’s licence at first, Damien and his team of instructors made me feel comfortable and at ease. Throughout my training they were great mentors and always willing to help me out and answer any questions I had along the way. Seven weeks ago I passed my flight test and now I am able to take full advantage of private hiring a plane and taking it up for a spin all on my own. Amazing!


That was a fantastic experience flying over Moreton Island and the sea. The instruction from Adam was great and I felt confident at all times.  Will recommend and come back. Thank you


Spectacular scenery
Sling flying over Mooloolaba

These are the reasons I chose your school for my son to learn to fly at: firstly your website looks to be the most attractive, organised and professional. Secondly, for us the location  is nice and close. Also the airport’s ease of use. Finally your fleet of aircraft. You are certainly the most professional flying school in my opinion.

Garry Youngberry, Channel 9 Weather Presenter

Thanks Dan for sending through the photos. I thoroughly enjoyed flying with you today. You’re a great instructor and made me feel very at ease. Thanks for organising the whale watching as well. I will definitely be recommending you to any friends who might be keen to have the same experience 

Darren, 2021

Instructor Dan
Brand new Sling 2 aircraft

A pilot licence can be obtained anywhere but if you really want to become a pilot then you have to GoFly! Damien, Anne Maree, Nathan & the GoFly team are the most innovative Flying School, full stop! No matter what your learning style, they are able to relate the theory into practice. They constantly encourage, support & are focused on YOUR goals. Spectacular location, sleek aircraft and a 737 Jet Simulator for fun or to really test your flying skills.

Alistair McNee, now a weekend GoFly Instructor

I searched flying schools close to Brisbane and found GoFly. The location, the all-inclusive fee, and the on-line video lessons provided are the reasons I chose GoFly. I just used a tourist visa. It was easy to obtain online through the Australian Immigration ETA service. I stayed in an AirBnB house and I rented a car to commute between Brisbane and Caloundra.

The GoFly Instructors are all superb. You can feel their passion in flying and teaching students. The Sling 2 is an excellent aircraft for beginners, better than a Cessna 152/172 in my own opinion. I’m back in Australia to finish working on my pilot certificate and I plan to continue to PPL.

Carey, Hong Kong


Cary flying SLing

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GoFly Media Coverage

GoFly Aviation has its own TV show called Taking Flight (from 2018-2019) and Flight School from 2020 onwards. Our students have appeared in the local paper and on TV. To see some pics and watch some videos, click here.