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Will uses the ‘Relive’ app to record some of his flights. This was one of his recent cheeky flights.

I’m an exchange student from Switzerland, graduating in a few weeks in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. My goal was to live a full Aussie experience for a year here on the Sunshine Coast, and see what happens afterwards. 

I got accepted for a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering in Europe beginning in September 2020, therefore I will have to (sadly!) leave Australia, but I’m sure I’ll come back one day ! 

I’ve made some videos of my year in Australia, and a lot of them include my flying. They can be found on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP5FOmJB36SlMbA3AhUK22CxKJAxsmB_N

Transported since my childhood by everything related to aviation, mechanical design and electronics, it was obvious to me that I would turn to an engineering and aviation field to make it my profession. 

I started crafting and flying model aircrafts, helicopters and multirotors in 2008 and obtained my licence to fly radio-controlled aircraft in 2010 in Geneva. Since that day, I have never stopped improving my skills and broadening my range of knowledge in this field.  

My enthusiasm for aviation led me to obtain my recreational pilot licence in Australia and then I will convert it to an International Private Pilot Licence (PPL) in the next few weeks at GoFly. 

I will return back home mid-July 20. I intend converting my licence to be able to fly back in Europe. I’ve viewed the Swiss mountains since I was born, but only from the ground. Now, I have the wonderful opportunity to take an aircraft and go flying around those magnificent peaks, gorgeously green or full of snow. I am also planning in the near future to go for a trip over to Europe for a few weeks, and do some kind of a huge cross-country adventure.

Guillaume ‘Will’ Forestier


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