John makes his business more efficient

john chapman

‘I searched the internet for different flying schools and what they had to offer and found that GoFly appeared to be offering the best all-round training – combined with the online training which I couldn’t find anywhere else. I believed GoFly was the best option available.

After recently travelling 22,000 kms in seven weeks with our work, our clients were saying, ‘Why not get a plane?’ So we decided I would get my licence, so we could fly to our jobs.

Do you want the truth about how I felt before my first solo flight? S*@t scared! I was so nervous, but knew I could rely on my training. During the first solo flight and afterwards I felt amazing; it was one of those moments in your life you never forget.

Due to the resources with the GoFly online training and information given to me, I found it very manageable to get my licence within four weeks. The online training allowed me to fit in training and pre-flight briefings and videos at home when it suited me, which was a huge benefit.

Right from the beginning when my wife and I spoke about me getting my Pilot’s Licence, we discussed that if it all worked out, that it would be great to get our own plane, due to the number of trips we would be doing. I was very surprised at how quickly I went from being a non-flyer to owning a plane, as, before starting this, I had never been in a small plane in my life; you even had trouble getting me on a Ferris wheel!

I would highly recommend GoFly for anyone wanting to learn to fly. The communication between GoFly and the students is second to none, and the online resources and training were a huge benefit which I believe students at all flight schools should use; it definitely helped me get my licence more quickly. The team are so friendly, willing to help and easy to understand and very patient while training you. I couldn’t have done it without Damien, Nathan and Adam’s expert training and will be forever grateful.

We have just returned from our first business trip and flying there saved us 24 hours of travel time in five days of working.’

John Chapman, 2018