Michel Vuilleumier

I was born and bred in the city of gold - Johannesburg in South Africa - emigrating to Australia in 2016 in search of new opportunities. As a third-generation aviation enthusiast, flying is definitely in my blood. I qualified for my microlight licence at the age of 16 and since then I have pursued my passion for aviation, working my way through my commercial pilots’ licence and the ATPLs. I love exhibiting at, and attending, air shows, and this has given me the chance to grow my experience with numerous RA Aus aircrafts (if you have any questions about the Sling, Bushcat, JMB, Viper etc. I can help you!)


My favourite thing about instructing is being able to share my infectious (and occasionally obsessive) passion for aviation. I have been in the same position as every student that I teach so it is a joy to share this experience with them and to watch them learn and progress.

At home

When I’m not flying, you’ll catch me boating with my four younger brothers, playing with my dog, Chico the chug, or working on my car.


I also have a knack for cooking, spending most evenings in the kitchen creating the perfect potato wedges or Spaghetti Bolognese. On the weekends I like to whip up my ‘marry me steak’, as my girlfriend calls it, and have a braai (or 'barbecue' for the Aussies) with my family and friends.