nic seeto near plane

Nic Seeto

I’ve been interested in learning to fly for as long as I can remember but was never sure if I would actually get there. After a trial flight in Archerfield a few years ago, I knew that learning to fly was something I wanted to do.

After taking my first trial flight, meeting the friendly people there, and seeing the culture and fantastic aircraft, I knew it was the right school for me.

from Novice to Instructor

I did my RPC then went on to complete my RPL with GoFly and hired the plane to take up friends while building up my pilot in command time. Within 8 months I'd trained for and achieved my Recreational Instructor Rating, so that I can pass on my love of aviation to others.


Balancing flying with university was a challenge as I was in my third year of a Bachelor of Engineering Electronic/Bachelor of Aviation – but was possible thanks to GoFly’s flexible schedules and online learning. It was easy for me to take a few weeks off when I needed to, for exams or uni holidays, and then get straight back to where I left off. To anyone still on the fence about whether to start their training, like I was, just know that if you’re dedicated enough, it’s entirely possible, and the staff at GoFly will help make it happen.’


In the future I hope to be able to travel across the border into NSW in different types of aircraft and build my overall experience at busier airports, and maybe eventually a trip around Australia. Further into the future, I hope to eventually get my CPL and fly for the airlines.