Sean O'Driscoll
Senior RA Instructor

My career started off with the Royal Australian Air Force. My Dad was a Private Pilot for over 45 years, all of which gave me a deep respect, appreciation and a love of flying; it's in my blood. Whether it be flying solo, or with a friend to fun fly-in somewhere in this great land of ours, or with a student training to be a safe and proficient Pilot In Command (PIC), flying is extremely rewarding and a dream come true. I've been instructing for GoFly on and off since 2011. All GoFly Instructors share a great love of flying and are eager to share that with you.

Aviation Experience

Over 1,100 hours PIC/Instructor, along with ratings/endorsements such as Senior Instructor, Advanced Pilot Award, High Performance, Tail wheel, Nose wheel, A/Consultant, Cross Country, L2 Maintenance Authority and more. Many years as a Flight Inspector in Australia and overseas. Privately owned several aircraft in the past.

I love

Family: Karen, Benjamin, Jessica and RalfEboy-the dog.
Friends: you all know who you are.
Flying: sure do.
Ford: 65 Mustang "MAX".
Fun: always.