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GoFly Aviation is an innovative flight school in Australia and welcomes students from Singapore and Hong Kong who wish to do flight training with us in sunny Caloundra. GoFly not only offers competitively-priced flight training but also provides advice about visas, and assistance with transport to and from the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane airport and the student’s chosen accommodation in Caloundra. To find out more about our location and facilities, click here. GoFly Aviation offers the following type of flight training:

 Step 1: Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC)

A Recreational Pilot Certificate takes between 22-27 hours of flying lessons and solo time. Flight training costs $328/hr AUD. Hong Kong and Singapore students can achieve their RPC for between $7,216 – $8,800, depending on their competency and how quickly they progress to the next lesson. 

Students will receive:

  • access to their own flight record in our Flight Schedule Pro booking system
  • free briefings, free exams and exam markings
  • a PREMIUM subscription to GoFly Online, containing all ab initio flying lesson videos, theory books, practice exams (plus nav and passenger and lots more)

Students can enrol in any month of the year.  Our Recreational Pilot Certificate syllabus can be found here. Please also read the fine print at the bottom of this page.

 Step 2: Cross country endorsement

At the completion of your RPC, you can then go on to do your cross country navigation endorsement for approximately $5,000. Syllabus information here:

 Step 3: Passenger endorsements

Before or after your navigation training, you can do your passenger endorsement for approximately $1,000. Syllabus info here.

Terms and conditions

To confirm your enrolment at GoFly Aviation we will require a non-refundable 10% deposit to confirm your place. The 10% deposit will be paid by directly to GoFly Aviation. Bank details can be provided upon request. We will then prepare a 3 week schedule of training for you and begin to prepare for your arrival, including assisting with advice about travel and accommodation options. All travel and accommodation will be paid for by the student. Students will fly into the Brisbane Airport (until such time as international flights return to the Sunshine Coast Airport from late 2022). 
Students can purchase a pilot log book ($35) from the GoFly Aviation office. After the 3rd flying lesson it is also compulsory to join Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA), at a cost of $270. Training will usually consist of 2 x two lessons per day for up to six days per week. Each lesson is made up of one hour of flying and one hour of on the ground (preflight and fuel the plane before flying then debrief and write notes, and pay after flying). Lessons can be taken either in the morning or in the afternoon on any day of the week. Once the student is training with GoFly, they can pay for their lessons at the end of each day’s training, by cash, debit or credit card (or you can deposit a bulk amount into our account).
For groups of 3-4 students studying simultaneously, the students will be invited to come to the offices of GoFly Aviation for an hour on the day before they begin training, to have morning or afternoon tea and to meet our Instructors and staff and have any questions answered.
All training at GoFly is based on competency of the pilot and not on hours of tuition. A student will only receive their certificate or licence if they have passed all tests and the Instructor deems their flying to be satisfactory. 
Still have questions? You can contact us by emailing goflyaviation@gmail.com
In this video below, Judite talks about her RPC training in Caloundra. You can also check out some testimonials from students from Singapore and Hong Kong, here.