Our Fleet and pricing

In our fleet we have some of the most modern aircraft available as well as the commercial grade that employers are looking for. Our well-maintained aircraft will provide you with the confidence you need for obtaining your pilot's licence or for your aircraft rental.

Unlike other flight schools, GoFly Aviation does not charge for pre-flight briefings, exams or have membership or landing fees. These hidden costs at other flight schools can increase your hourly rate by up to $60 per flight hour. Our GoFly hourly rate includes all briefings, exams and FREE use of our innovative GoFly360 technology (onsite), to give you the best flight training possible.

If you need to cancel a booked flying lesson, please call or message 0426 282 226 and try to give us at much notice as possible - as our instructors will have made themselves available to teach and we could have given your spot to another student. Lessons cancelled without 24 hours' notice may incur a $100 cancellation fee.




Our primary flight trainer, the Sling is a solidly built, well designed aircraft.

  • Cruise Speed: 105kts
  • Stall Speed Full Flaps: 37kts
  • Glass Cockpit

Piper Arrow

The Piper Arrow is our primary trainer for RPL, CPL and PPL training.

  • Cruise Speed: 140kts
  • Stall Speed Full Flaps: 48kts
  • Retractable Landing Gear


The GoFly Cadets program is designed to remove cost barriers for young people who wish to learn to fly.

  • 30 min ground lesson in simulator & with 360 degree headset
  • 30 minute flying lesson in plane
  • 10 min debrief with instructor about what was learnt


The Texan is great for private hire and can be taken away on overnight trips.

  • Cruise Speed: 110kts
  • Stall Speed Full Flaps: 36kts
  • Useful Load: 245kg

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