Anne-Maree marketing manager GoFly

Marketing, Accounts, IT

Anne-Maree does the marketing for both GoFly Aviation and GoFly Online (updating websites, uploading videos, creating social media posts, designing magazine ads, organising events and partnerships, school visits, career expos, setting up systems and fixing pesky IT issues).

She also does the accounts for GoFly Aviation, GoFly Global and GoFly Group. She has 35 years of experience in arts administration, fundraising, grant writing, database and event management, customer service, newsletter editing, digital marketing, educational video production, renovating for profit and real estate sales. She is able to draw on all these skills for her work alongside Damien at GoFly.

She loves language

Anne-Maree loves reading and writing and talking about reading and writing. She also has bookkeeping experience - owning almost 300 books.

She loves the CEO

Despite being married to Damien she can't fly and doesn’t have a desire to learn - but she’s willing to try to understand the physics involved in flying if Damien is willing to try to understand why there needs to be an apostrophe in the word 'you’re'.