Australian Airstrips Directory Project

Map of Australian airstrips

Planning to explore Australia by plane? GoFly Aviation, with the assistance of aviation record-holder, Liam Morey, is in the process of collating all the important information you will need for flying into, fuelling up, staying overnight and sightseeing around cities and towns in every state of Australia. The Directory will be sorted alphabetically within each Australian state. 

If you’d like to be part of the project and contribute knowledge that you have about an airstrip, email us with:

  • the airstrip name and co-ordinates 
  • an overhead photo if possible
  • whether an ASIC card is required
  • any pilot notes
  • fuel availability
  • how to get to the nearest town
  • info about the nearest food 
  • info about any accommodation
  • anything else you’d like to add

Use this Australian airports project – Forrest airstrip template as a guide to what to include, and email your info to and we will update the Directory and acknowledge you at the end of your listing.

Australian Airstrips Directory - Printable PDF

This free alphabetical Airstrip Directory is a work in progress and will be added to each week as we receive more information from pilots. Check back for updates. 

Download your copy here and just print the pages you require for your trip: GoFly Australian Airfields Guide – work in progress Feb 2020 edition.