Twins in single engine planes

Twins Charles and Will started flying with GoFly in 2015 and passed their flight tests in December 2017. For much of their training, the two brothers were also taught by two pilot brothers. They passed their nav flight tests in April 2019.


Charles and will solo flight

Will (left): 

I’ve been flying since I was 14. I did my training in the school holidays.

The freedom of being able to control an aircraft and enjoy all the procedures that need to be done to fly one safely, has always been a lot of fun.


My plans are to hopefully work as a commercial pilot someday.

Charles (right):

Before I started flying in late 2014 I always had an interest in WW2-era aircraft and aviation for as long as I can remember. 

I found that making the most of holiday times was the easiest way to get a lot of flying done. Though, because of that I could be flying every day for two weeks, but then I would not be flying for up to three months, which meant that some procedures needed refreshing when I got back in the air again after a long break.

I’d say that everything from actually flying, to navigating, prepping and understanding how the an aircraft performs the way it does has been very enjoyable for me.

Very soon I’m beginning my studies as a medical student, and I have a keen interest in the work that the Royal Flying Doctor Service does.

Channel Nine News interview after the boys' first solo flight

Will Tennyson


I’m now 23 years old. I began my aviation journey at 14 with GoFly. Over the next few years, I received my Recreational Pilot’s Certificate and Navigation Endorsement with my twin brother, Charles, who is chasing his passion in medicine. 


This solidified my passion and I wished to turn aviation into a career. In particular, I have always had a great interest in flight instruction and the demands and responsibilities it requires from a professional pilot. Nathan Slee has been a fantastic mentor who further affirmed my passion for flight instruction.


After completing my Commercial Pilot License in Toowoomba, I began a dual Flight Instructor Rating (RAAus and Grade 3) at Advanced Aviation Training at Redcliffe aerodrome with Nathan Slee earlier this year, which has been an absolute joy and I cannot wait to soon finish and teach my first real student!