damon cavallaro


I was born and raised in Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast is like a second home to me. I started flying when I was 17 years old and spent the last 18 years flying on and off. My professional career has also been in aviation where I was a qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer working on military aircraft such as the P3 Orion, C130J Hercules, FA18/super hornet and the E7A Wedgetail. I currently work for Boeing Defence Australia as an ILS analyst and I also instruct 5 days per fortnight for GoFly. In early 2024 I became a Senior Instructor.


My journey as a pilot began in high school where I obtained my RPC. I kept up the flying over the years recreationally and sharing my passion with friends and family. In 2021 I decided to take some time off work and pursue a dream of mine to obtain my commercial pilot license. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow aviators in the air and on the ground.