Tom Murray
GoFly Aviation Instructor + part-time Office Manager + GoFly Online Content Creator

My journey with GoFly Aviation began just before completing my RPC. I moved from Tasmania to the Sunshine Coast in early 2022 to pursue my passion for flying and my studies. Initially, I began flying in Tasmania, but the challenging weather and sub-zero temperatures prompted me to seek a more suitable location. Joining the GoFly team, I worked in the office and formed connections with the amazing team. Now, having obtained my Instructor Rating, I am a part-time junior instructor, enjoying meeting new students who share my passion for aviation, and teaching something I love.


The idea of flying had always captivated me, ever since I was a kid looking up at the planes in the sky. My love for flying began in 2018 when I first received a flight simulator. Three years ago, I was gifted a trial flight in Tasmania, which further fuelled my passion for aviation. I took a trial flight with GoFly Aviation in late 2021, and soon after, I started my RPC training with them.


While flying is my greatest passion, I also cherish the outdoors. Camping and fishing have become relaxing activities that connect me with nature. Setting up camp by a lake with a nearby campfire creates a serene experience. As a CASA accredited drone pilot, I enjoy exploring remote regions and capturing footage of hidden locations inaccessible on the ground. When not adventuring outdoors, I like watching movies, or playing games, with Microsoft Flight Simulator being a particular favourite, and I can now boast over 3,000 hours of virtual flying time.